Burger king Share Price Target 2022 2023 2025 2030 Prediction

Burger king Share Price Target

Mkt cap 6.23TCr

About Burger King :

Burger King India Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2013. Its today’s share price is 162.05. Its current market capitalisation stands at Rs 6223.12 Cr. In the latest quarter, company has reported Gross Sales of Rs. 4944.54 Cr and Total Income of Rs.5229.32 Cr. The company’s management includes Madhulika Rawat, Peter Darrell Perdue, Jaspal Singh Sabharwal, Ajay Kaul, Amit Manocha, Sandeep Chaudhary, Tara Subramaniam, Rajeev Varman, Shivakumar Pullaya Dega.

52-wk high 213.80
52-wk low 108.40
P/E ratio
Div yield

About Burger King Share : 

  • Burger King India Ltd., incorporated in the year 2013, is a Small Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 6,229.63 Crore) operating in Tourism & Hospitality sector.
  • Burger King India Ltd. key Products/Revenue Segments include Beverages & Food, Scrap and Other Services for the year ending 31-Mar-2021.
  • For the quarter ended 30-06-2021, the company has reported a Standalone Total Income of Rs 153.41 Crore, down 23.08 % from last quarter Total Income of Rs 199.46 Crore and up 314.87 % from last year same quarter Total Income of Rs 36.98 Crore.
  • Company has reported net profit after tax of Rs -44.35 Crore in latest quarter.
  • The company’s top management includes Mr.Shivakumar Pullaya Dega, Mr.Rajeev Varman, Mr.Jaspal Singh Sabharwal, Mr.Ajay Kaul, Mr.Amit Manocha, Mr.Peter Perdue, Mr.Tara Subramaniam, Mr.Sandeep Chaudhary.

Burger King Share Price Target 2021 Q4

  • November 2021 – 164.15 Rs
  • December 2021 – 165.20 Rs

Burger King share price target 2022

  1. 2022 Jan – 167.35 Rs
  2. 2022 Feb – 160.36 Rs
  3. 2022 Mar – 162.39 Rs
  4. 2022 Apr – 161.71 Rs
  5. 2022 May – 165.10 Rs
  6. 2022 Jun –  167.95 Rs
  7. 2022 Jul –  170.90 Rs
  8. 2022 Aug – 172.95 Rs
  9. 2022 Sep –  173.99 Rs
  10. 2022 Oct – 176.50 Rs
  11. 2022 Nov –  179.55 Rs
  12. 2022 Dec –  183.65 Rs


Burger King price target 2023  – 203.25 Rs 

Burger King price target 2024 –  219.15 Rs

Burger King price target 2025 –  268.50 Rs

Burger King price target 2026 –  331.30 Rs

Burger King price target 2027 – 358.35 Rs

Burger King price target 2028 – 401.20 Rs

Burger King price target 2029 – 456.80 Rs

Burger King price target 2030 – 492.00 Rs


Burger king share price target 2022

Burger king is slowly spreading its business in India. New company restaurants are constantly opening. Also, the company where it opens its business is seen changing its locale according to the menu. Because of which its business is very popular and there is growth in sales as well.

Even though the company is not earning that much right now, but as customers keep on adding, profits are also going to increase rapidly. Talking about its share price by 2022, the first target is going to be seen showing Rs 215. After that, hold the second target for Rs 225 and chase it.

Burger king share price target 2023

The company does its business in the quick service restaurant category. These sectors have been growing rapidly in the last few years. The basic reason for this is that due to the increasing population and increasing demand for fast food in India, it will be seen increasing more rapidly in the coming days.

All the companies have started getting the benefit of this growth, along with it Burger king India is also getting a lot of benefits. Due to which there has been a huge jump in the revenue of the company. The target of Burger king should be seen by 2023, the first target is likely to be seen around Rs 260. After that the other target is to buy for Rs 270.

Burger king share price target 2025

Burger king is the second largest fast food business. Going ahead of the company, many future plans are visible. The company says that before 2026, there are plans to open 700 new stores across India. And at the same time, its growth is expected to be 18% CAGR. Which is twice as long as the rest of the partner company.

If the company is seen fulfilling this target in the coming days, then you are going to see a tremendous increase in the share of Burger King. Looking at the company’s business in the coming 2025, the share price is the first target to be seen at Rs 550. Then another target of Rs 600 is going to be seen.

Burger king share price target 2030

Due to the company being a global brand, most people already know about it. Due to which it seems to be able to connect with its customers very fast. Burger King is going to see a lot of benefits in the long run as well. There are many opportunities in this sector. As Burger King will slowly start spreading his business in the village along with the whole city, its profit will also be seen increasing very fast.

Also, wherever the company goes, its marketing is very good. Due to which new customers are able to connect faster. In the future, the company which will have the most customers, gives you the stock of the same company by earning multibagger returns. Talking about the share price of the company by 2030, the first target can be seen around Rs 2200. After that there is a possibility of seeing the second target Rs 2350.


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Burger king Future :

The company’s business looks very good from the point of view of the future. But if seen from the point of view of Funmental, then it is not seen as good. The company is currently working to expand its business. Due to which the company seems to be making big investments. The benefits of this investment will be there in the future.

As soon as you will get to see the improvement in its balance sheet, you are going to see the company growing very fast. Fast food sector is going to grow very fast in the coming time. If the management manages to handle their business properly, then Burger King can also be seen to be the market leader.

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